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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

  • "Rei" means universal
  • "Ki" is life energy

Quantum Touch - The Power To Heal


Quantum Touch is a healing modaility which accelerates the bodys own healing response through our innate power of love.

Mastery of Energy Healing


M.E.H is a simple and fast way to potentially help ourselves and others quickly & effectively with Energy Medicine.

These healing modalities begin in a calming and relaxed atmosphere that I have created to match the energy of these peaceful healings.

How the Process of Healing Works


The human body is similar to a computer and it consists of billions of cells that are conscious, listening and reacting to everything we think, say, and do. Intelligent, interacting cells information is downloaded into us from the moment we are born. Genetics and a lifetime of experiences get absorbed into our bodies and are put into the memory of these billions of cells. Some of our stored information is positive and nurturing, like love, joy, peace and gratitude. Other information is negative and non-nurturing, like heartbreak, fear, shame, and guilt. When the cells of our body absorb too much negative emotional information they become overwhelmed and unable to function properly. The result is emotional stress and then physical disease. Stress is a negative emotion that attacks the nervous system, vascular system, heart, and other major organs of the body. Stress and other negative forces can eventually cause physical disease and possibly death. My purpose is to assist anyone whom is interested in the release of negative cell-stored information and ultimately fill that empty space with a new program: Light, Love , and Healing.

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